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I help adults with autoimmune disease understand and improve their autoimmune disorders, so they can feel better and live well. There are two strands to my approach, addressing both the emotional and physical challenges of living with a condition. 

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive hypnotherapy is a talking therapy that helps with the emotional and mental challenges that come with autoimmune disease.

Research has found that cognitive hypnotherapy is especially effective for anxiety and depression.

This type of hypnotherapy is also very helpful for addressing lifestyle factors known to influence autoimmunity. These include:

  • improving sleep
  • managing stress
  • changing habits about what we eat or how we exercise
  • thinking about our relationship with ourselves, our bodies, and other people, all of which may have been significantly affected by our illness.

We can use hypnotherapy to promote healing, change our perception of pain, and increase our pleasure and contentment in everyday life.

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The Autoimmune Protocol

The Autoimmune Protocol is a diet and lifestyle intervention for autoimmune disease.

It’s based on scientific studies into autoimmune disease and what helps or hinders it.

The Autoimmune Protocol focuses on

  • removing factors known to cause and promote autoimmune disease,
  • adding nutrient density with a healing diet so that our bodies can start to recover, and
  • addressing lifestyle factors which contribute to autoimmune disease, such as sleep problems, stress and physical activity.

The Autoimmune Protocol is also known as AIP.

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My Feel Better and Live Well Programme is designed to help you with the emotional and mental challenges of living with an autoimmune condition.

It’s a comprehensive approach to dealing with common difficulties we can experience with these health issues.

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