Cognitive Hypnotherapy

What is cognitive hypnotherapy?

Cognitive hypnotherapy is a talking therapy that combines effective techniques to achieve positive and lasting change.

It incorporates approaches from several types of therapy and psychology.

‘Cognitive’ means that we work with your thought patterns and language, and the way you see the world – the ‘model’ you have in your mind of how life is. This version of the world will be unique to you, and how you’ve interpreted your experiences.

‘Hypnotherapy’ describes a way that, through talking, we can explore the way your unconscious decides what you should think, feel and do in any moment, so we can change it to something more helpful and positive.

Your unconscious mind influences your thoughts, feelings and actions all the time, without you being aware of it.

How does that affect us?

This unconscious filtering and decision making happens in useful ways – you can brush your teeth automatically, without thinking consciously about how to every time you do it – but also in less helpful ways.

Problems arise when the unconscious mind makes a mistake in interpreting a situation. We can then find ourselves in a problem trance where our actions and feelings happen automatically, even though consciously we don’t want them to.

This is how we can get stuck with behaviours and patterns of feeling that we don’t want, but can’t seem to control.

Our unconscious uses the way it’s interpreted previous experiences to decide how we should respond to something that happens now. This can cause us problems now if it’s interpreted something wrongly. Our unconscious builds its automatic responses, or ‘trance states’, on this misinterpretation.

What can we do about it?


In cognitive hypnotherapy, we use these trance states to uncover the connections which lead to your problem. We then modify and replace them with new, more positive states to help you change and feel how you’d like to feel without the problem.


Can this help with autoimmune disease?

Yes! Absolutely. Click here to read how.

I’ve seen first hand how much this approach helps clients.

And for myself, cognitive hypnotherapy helped me cope when I was severely ill with rheumatoid arthritis. You can read my story here.

It helped me emotionally and gave me the headspace to see how much I could influence, that helped me start healing. And it can help you too.

My Feel Better and Live Well programme is designed specifically to help you improve how you feel when living with autoimmune disease. We will work together one to one over Zoom on all the elements that are most difficult for you about your situation. Click the button below for the full details!

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