Sometimes, it can feel hard to cope with life. Many of us feel we should be able to manage difficulties on our own, without asking for help or support.

When we’re in a difficult situation, it can be hard to see a way out of it. Sometimes we just need a different viewpoint to help us find our way onto a different path.

Another voice can be helpful

For fun, I sing in the local Rock Choir. I might not have the perfect voice, but I love it.

I love standing in the middle of the choir, among friends, hearing and feeling the combination of lovely harmonies as we all sing our separate parts.

There is no way that I could sing all these parts on my own! Each sound contributes to make a blend of harmonies. The different voices need to intermingle to make a rich and satisfying whole.

People need other people

Similarly, we can need help from other people when we’re trying to cope with life. Human beings didn’t evolve to exist and function on our own. We work best in community with others.

Each of us brings different skills and abilities. We gain from the support of those around us.

This need for others can make experiences such as lockdown, health problems, or feeling alone with a personal struggle, feel particularly difficult and isolating.

On our own, we can miss the blend of ideas and abilities which could help us if we reached out to others.

Just like the choir, sometimes we need to accept other people’s input to help us find a new, more harmonious path.

Ask yourself this

If you’re struggling with something, and feel you should be able to cope with it alone, it can be useful to ask yourself:

Would I leave someone I cared about to deal with this alone?

If not, why do I expect something different of myself?

Why am I treating myself less kindly than I’d treat someone else?


If you’re battling with something on your own, and you’d like some help, please get in touch. We can have a chat about how I may be able to help. There’s no obligation, and if I’m not the right person, I can help you find someone who is.


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