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Looking for help?


If you want to feel better, you’re in the right place.

I can help.

I work in two main areas:

1. Due to my own experience recovering from autoimmune disease, I work with adults living with autoimmune conditions and other health challenges, using safe, evidence-based approaches to help you find ways to feel better and live well.

2. I support parents and carers who, like myself, are caring for children and young people with medical conditions, and other needs. 

I work with clients one to one and offer short courses, including:

      • Looking After Yourself as a Parent/Carer of Children with Health/ Additional Needs
      • Coping Well with Medical Appointments, Decisions and Treatments
      • Understanding Autoimmunity

Are you living with an autoimmune condition?

I can help you to:

  • Increase your energy and feel healthier so you can work and socialise without being exhausted or causing a flare
  • Learn ways to control and reduce pain and feel better so you can feel less limited and more able to enjoy life
  • Resolve some difficult feelings about your situation, so you can feel more positive and more like ‘you’ 
  • Understand what triggers your condition, so you can deal with these triggers and allow your body to heal

“I’ve found so much of what we’ve done and the resources you’ve made for me really helpful and can’t thank you enough for what we’ve done so far! 

I really do feel I’ve come a long way and have turned a BIG corner! Thank you for your amazing contribution to that.”


I’m Sarah

Thanks for visiting my site! I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve recovered from autoimmune disease and understand the frustration, isolation and anxiety you may be feeling.

I know what it’s like for your time to be taken up with the medical side of coping with a diagnosis, while you’re having all sorts of thoughts and feelings about what’s going on, but not knowing who or what can help with these.

Luckily, I found the right help which helped me recover . And now I help others do the same.

I’m also a parent caring for young people with medical conditions, and understand the strains and demands of coping with the medical system, getting your child’s educational and other needs met, and advocating for your child continually while dealing with all your own emotions and stress.

My training and experience in effective mental health therapies equipped me with tools to cope with the many demands of this situation and I have a passion to share these with other parents, because I know how exhausting  it can be.

What I Do

I give you the space to deal with the emotional and mental effects of living with autoimmune disease, and I teach you evidence-based techniques that you can use to move your mind and body towards physical and emotional health and wellness. 

“Talking to you has really helped. I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without you, so thank you.”

I can help with the emotional and mental effects of living with a condition, and provide you with practical information about how day to day actions influence the physical progression of the disease.

This combination empowers you to make informed choices and be able to put them into practice more easily.

We can address difficult feelings and emotional challenges your illness may have caused, as well as improving sleep, stress management, habit and lifestyle changes, pain reduction, and positively focusing on healing, which are all key in autoimmune health.

“Ingrained habits and patterns that were no longer serving me began to disintegrate and disappear. This allowed me to start looking to the future more positively. I recommend Sarah 100%.”

Alongside this, I share with you what is known about:

  • what triggers autoimmune disease
  • what helps it progress, and
  • what you can do to stop these triggers

so you can move towards recovery instead of disease progression.

I can introduce you to the Autoimmune Protocol which puts you back in control by providing all the practical information and tools you need to make the best choices for your health.

This holistic approach addresses your health as a whole, including body, mind and lifestyle, and can be followed safely alongside conventional medical treatment.

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"I found our work hugely beneficial"

Sarah always worked respectfully and at my pace, and was not afraid to go to the heart of the issues I brought. I found our work together to be hugely beneficial. Since dialoguing with the physical elements of my trauma, they have either significantly reduced or completely gone. 

KO, 51, mental health professional

"Sarah guided me through the maze"

Sarah guided me through the maze to see things clearer the other side.

I recommend Sarah, because she offers real support and advice, with real time techniques you can use yourself to make things better, consciously or otherwise.

LZ, expectant mum

"Sarah helped me to stay positive"

Sarah helped me to stay positive about my abilities, ignore negative messages, and keep the mind clear and focussed rather than worrying about consequences.


"Sarah's approach offers great opportunities for change"

Sarah’s approach is very relaxing and offers great opportunities for change. It’s enjoyable and helped me achieve personal targets.

I recommend working with Sarah because she really listens and works to be sure that treatment is tailored to you.

I appreciated her listening and insight.

AL, training facilitator

"Sarah asked very poignant questions that made me really think"

Sarah chatted through my issues and concerns, and asked very poignant questions that made me really think.

Then she provided techniques that suited me, and helped explore these concerns.


"Sarah was very calm and reassuring - she helped me to change"

Sarah helped me to relax and to change the way my mind was seeing danger…  I had started to be very unkind to myself and thinking myself stupid to not just ‘get over it’ or pull myself together.  Sarah was very calm and reassuring and worked with me to look at the root cause of my anxieties.

LA, 66, retired tutor

"I have more control over how I react"

Sarah’s sessions helped me look at my sleep and weight issues from different standpoints.

I am now sleeping through the night, and gradually losing weight with much more control over how I react to the things that triggered my over eating. 

SD, male. 60s

"Sarah is a bright and compassionate practitioner"


I’m not the same stuck person anymore and know that Sarah has been a key part in that change.
I can highly recommend Sarah who is a bright and compassionate practitioner.
MA, female, 54
"Sarah is kind, professional and skilled"

I would definitely recommend working with Sarah to other people. She is kind, professional, and skilled at creating a space within which difficult things can be addressed, and creative solutions can be found.

KO, 51, mental health professional

"I really trusted Sarah's ability to help"

From the very beginning of our work together, Sarah created a very safe space for me and held that space so well that I really felt heard and trusted her ability to help. She offered real support and reflections that have supported concrete change in me and how I see things now.

MA, female, 54

"I really value having a long term boost"

Sarah has a great voice for hypnotherapy, which I think is important!  I really value the long term boost in having a tailor made recording to support me.

 AL, mediator


"I recommend Sarah to anyone who feels fear is hampering their life"

I would recommend Sarah to anyone who feels a fear or phobia is hampering their life.  I had started to feel that I could not change and my world was shrinking so I’m very glad I took the plunge and sought help.  I can now be an intrepid explorer again, like I was before.  

 LA, 66, retired tutor


Parenting with Autoimmune Disease

Parenting with Autoimmune Disease

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